6 de agosto de 2011

Drunken to Love You [OST]


1.Magic Power - 不按牌理出牌 (Doing Something Unexpected)
2.Mayday - 我又初戀了 (My First Love)
3.Yen-J - 又不是這樣就不孤獨 (This Is Not Lonely)
4.相遇不思議 (The Meet Does Not Imagine)
5.喝醉和相愛一樣危險 (Get Drunk And Falls In Love Is Dangerous)
6.這次真的玩太大了 (This Play Is Really Too Much)
7.Yen-J - 好的事情 (A Good Thing)
8.Magic Power - 放了自己 (Had Put Myself Down)
9.名模的祕密愛情 (Supermodel's Secret Love)
10.孤單是一個人的狂歡 (Lonely Is A Person's Revelry)
11.戀愛三角習題 (Love Triangle Exercise)
12.Rainie Yang - 我們都傻 (We Are All Silly)
13.婚姻是假, 愛情是真 (Marriage Is False, Love Is Real)
14.拉斯維加斯的婚禮 (Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony)
15.Della Ding - 親愛陌生人 (Dear Strangers)

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